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"Life is what happens to you when you are busy with something else." J.Lennon
On this page you can find lots of funny pics, videos, texts.
I cant bother describing them all. But don't be lazy:
click on the links, download the files, and smile!

Great minds  
Dogs that are just like us  
Corporate truth  
Weird animals  
Dilbert by Scott Adams  
  First rock erotism (zip)
  How to pass an exam (zip)
  EU VS Italy (zip)
  IQ test (zip)
  Buratino techno (mp3 in Russian)
  Jvanetskiy forever (mp3 in Russian)
  Work for food
  At work: before and after 30 y.o.
  Attention: working with idiots can kill you!
  File upload to the internet ( in Russian)
  Krasnaya shapochka by authors (in Russian)
  Project genesis (in Russian)
  Professions for job seekers by RBBK (in Russian)
  religions and patches (in Russian)
  20 priznakov bednosti ( in Russian)
  Response to the recruiter (in French)
  "Parlez-vous russais?" (in Russain never seen before)
  Zapiski boevogo delfina (in Russian)
  Request for Salary Increase
Russia's most favorite chocolate: before and after  
Difference between Men and Women  
Dog sleeping on the rails by David  

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